9 thoughts on “Alberta researchers track elusive wolverines in new documentary

  1. Fantastic show. Your patience & commitment is astounding! The summer of 1989 in northern Ontario outside of Temagami, myself & a good friend were accosted by a wolverine while on a canoe trip. I had accidently disturbed it in its den. We were very fortunate to be able to fend it off without serious injuries to ourselves or the animal. A terrifying encounter at the time; it wasn’t until many years later that we understood how blessed we were to have seen such an amazing creature at incredibly close range … maybe 1 meter or so!!

  2. What a wonderfully awesome documentary! ! Andrew you’re 5 years of filming and 3 WEEKS in the blind did not go wasted for our family. I admire your perseverance and tenacity to get the footage that you were able to share with this fabulous show. Thank you for being able to show us the beautiful elusive wolverine. I actually had tears in my eyes watching the little kit and mother footage knowing the time you and the researchers put in to get to that moment. Again all I can say is FABULOUS and thank you.
    Sincerely Carrie Grant, Calgary. I read the great article in the Calgary Herald which told me about the show, also thankful for that article

  3. Congrats andyđź‘Ťoutstanding work …my very fav animal. .God bless .your patience. Your skill payed off with a fascinating look at 1 of nature’s true mysteries. .I remember my first time seeing wolverines at AL oemings wildlife park ..His daughter had 4 of them battling each other for a ride in a red wagon his daughter was towing around their enclosure ..

  4. I am located in CA, USA. Is your documentary available for purchase? Unfortunately for me, it states episode is available in Canada only.

  5. Amazing wolverine documentary! My hat’s off to Mr. Manske’s patience and perseverance in capturing this groundbreaking footage of wolverines and furthering our understanding of these incredible animals. Wow! Well done!

  6. Dear Andrew, thanks for hanging out in a cold dark box to bring us those wonderful images. Truly remarkable! It offers such rare footage that could be appreciated by the whole family. Keep up the great work. Thanks from Jeff, Cindy, Luke (8) and Lana (5).

  7. Hello, I am interested in purchasing a DVD of your Wolverine: Ghost of the Northern Forest. There are others in the US that are likely to be interested as well. Please let me if that is possible.


    Chris Moore
    Denver, Colorado

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