About Manske

Andrew Manske @Killdevil Mtn_2

Filming moose rut with Sony F900 and a Fujinon 42X lens.
Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Emmy Award winning cinematographer Andrew Manske, has over 20 years of filmmaking experience specializing in natural history and wildlife productions. Andrew has worked on over 50 broadcast documentaries airing on such networks as National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery Channel, Canada, Discovery World HD, Animal Planet, OASIS HD, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation “The Nature of Things with David Suzuki”, SCN, Knowledge Network, and APTN.

Manske filming with Sony F55 in Jasper National Park, Sept. 2013

Manske using a Sony F55 in Jasper National Park.

Manske is recognized as an elite cinematographer, an experienced director and an accomplished producer. Manske is driven to this excellence by his passion for our natural world. His productions have earned 11 international and 4 Alberta Motion Picture awards and numerous nominations at film festivals throughout the world. Manske recently won a 2013 Emmy Award for ‘Outstanding Cinematography’ for his work in National Geographic’s “Untamed Americas”. Manske’s talent continues to grow by expanding into all forms of high resolution 4K and 5K HD cinematography.


16 thoughts on “About Manske

  1. Andrew it has been awhile – So very proud of your continued work. Writing to you from Moose Jaw. The birds are alive in Saskatchewan! Yellow headed black birds break the continued silence as the prairie dogs do their thing. Hope all is well… Ron Smid

  2. Dear Mr. Manske: I teach healthcare professionals about breastfeeding. Your video “Polar Bear Love” would be PERFECT to show in class to illustrate the importance of relationship. It would also get people to experience some emotion, and change the energy of the presentation for a moment, making subsequent learning easier.

    May I have a copy of that short clip to embed in a PowerPoint presentation? I would not give it to anyone.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Niiki,

      I sincerely appreciate your efforts to create awareness to such a vital topic. I’m traveling right now and I don’t have access to the video you’d like to use.

      I’m back in the office after Oct. 20th and perhaps I can send you a link to use then.

      Is there anything else you need to demonstrate the importance of breast feeding? I think it is so important and if there is anything I can do to assist, with natural history footage, please let me know. I have scenes of other animals nursing as well.


  3. Andrew, I know I have been out of the business for a while but I wanted to say a great big congrats for your well deserved Emmy award. You’ve been slogging it in the wilderness for as long as I’ve known you and I’m really glad to see it has paid dividends for you. Keep up the great work buddy.

  4. Andrew hi! I would really love to have the photos of Sonia’s birthday party to show the family on Saturday! Is there any way you can get some to me? Really enjoyed meeting you and hope your journey home was OK.
    Bw Louise
    Sorry I didn’t have an email for you!

  5. Andrew: My wife and I would like to put up a wildlife cam along a snowshoe route we frequent to see who is sharing our winter trail with us. Would you have a recommendation for a unit? There are many, many cams on the market and we don’t know where to start.

  6. Andrew– I have gone over some of the earlier footage of yours in the Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary and think it is some of the very best that was accomplished with the resources that you had available at the time.
    Lu Carbyn

  7. Andrew,
    Thought you had moved to Florida years ago. I went out with you several years ago-trying to capture snowy owls. Didn’t get a snowy, but get great shots of the great greys.
    Maureen Didion “mo”

  8. Hi Andrew, I just read about the wolverine documentary on the cbc website. Wish I were in Canada so I could see it. Looks like it was quite the epic undertaking! Thanks again for putting my sheep research in the spotlight all those years ago! John Loehr

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