Athabasca Country…it’s time for a little taste of #WolverineMadness! 

Science Outreach – Athabasca presents a special presentation featuring the behind-the-scenes stories and highlights from the documentary “WOLVERINE: GHOST OF THE NORTHERN FOREST” after filming wolverines for over 5 years in the wilds of northwestern Alberta. Feb. 22, 7pm Athabasca University.

#WolverineMadness Continues…

Meet “Shaggy”, a young male wolverine filmed by Andrew Manske over a span of two years.


Another successful season of filming this winter as a wolverine runs past my camera. was recording!    Photo: Iris Jasmin Krafka


A male wolverine scent marking at a den site located inside an abandon beaver lodge.        Trailcam Photo: Andrew Manske