#WolverineMadness Continues! Presentation April 13, 2019.

Get your tickets today for the amazing journey of one man’s quest to film one of the most elusive creatures on the planet: https://t.co/ZkS33DbhAk #gprta #aca #gpab #countyofgp #wolverine pic.twitter.com/uyqxa3DrKK— Currie Museum (@CurrieMuseum) March 27, 2019

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Athabasca Country…it’s time for a little taste of #WolverineMadness! 

Science Outreach – Athabasca presents a special presentation featuring the behind-the-scenes stories and highlights from the documentary “WOLVERINE: GHOST OF THE NORTHERN FOREST” after filming wolverines for over 5 years in the wilds of northwestern Alberta. Feb. 22, 7pm Athabasca University.

Wolverines on CTV-Alberta Primetime

Filmmaker Trails Wolverines for 5 Years

Manske on CTV - Alberta Primetime

Andrew Manske on CTV – Alberta Primetime feature on filming wolverines for 5 years.

Alberta researchers track elusive wolverines in new documentary

Wolverine Story


Wolverine: Ghost of the Northern Forest

#WolverineMadness commences…

Thursday Feb. 25th 8pm on CBC: The Nature of Things

CBC-The Nature of Things “Wolverine: Ghost of the Northern Forest”

View The Teaser (1 min)

How do you capture wild wolverine video?

Wolves: Twenty Years in the Making

Athabasca Wolf Talk Poster

#WolverineMadness Continues…

Meet “Shaggy”, a young male wolverine filmed by Andrew Manske over a span of two years.


Another successful season of filming this winter as a wolverine runs past my camera.     Yes..it was recording!    Photo: Iris Jasmin Krafka


A male wolverine scent marking at a den site located inside an abandon beaver lodge.        Trailcam Photo: Andrew Manske

FILMING WOLVES: 20 years in the making


“Through the amazing wolf footage he has collected over the years, Manske took us on a virtual trip across Canada from the estuaries of the west coast to the mountains of Labrador.”

Wolf Talk Pic

“Andrew’s images transfixed the audience all evening: wolves chased bison only to have the bison herd retaliate; a pack of wolves and a grizzly bear with two cubs fought over a bull caribou carcass; wolf pups howled as they emerged from their den for the first time; a wolf pack chased a caribou at full speed.”

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CARIBOU: State of the Nation

“If you spend any time with caribou, you very quickly fall in love with them,” says Manske, who was profiled in the January/ February issue of Canadian Wildlife for his work on wolverines. “They are not only incredibly beautiful, they are wonderfully adept at surviving in a harsh environment.”

MarApr_2014_Caribou_State_Of_The_Nation MarApr_2014_Caribou_State_Of_The_Nation_2MarApr_2014_Caribou_State_Of_The_Nation_3

CARIBOU: State of the Nation